Before You List Your Home!

The decision is final and you are moving! Things are about to get real. Before you take the next step to list your home, there are some important actions and considerations. Let’s dive deep into what happens when you make the decision to move and sell your home before you list! It always helps to have a professional team to point you in the right direction with confident resources. The home list before you LIST your home... Visit [...]

By |February 24, 2021|

Keep those New Year’s goals!

2021 is feeling like the renewal year for the world! The 2020 redo. All the things we wanted that suddenly came to a halt! Don’t lose sight of those shiny goals you put in place so thoughtfully...this is your year. A lot can happen in one year! How do we make those goals come true realistically? I’m going to tell you exactly how so you can “plan & execute”. Whatever your goal(s) is/are write them down on separate [...]

By |January 22, 2021|
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