How To Function In a Home During A Move

“Your home, it’s so beautiful and I love the way you decorated” says your realtor. However, she tells you in the same breath, there are too many personal things and it’s cluttered for the listing. There are photos to take and it’s prime time to put the home on the market. You have the conundrum of having to pack but you and your family will also be living in the home for several more weeks. How will you [...]

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Packing St. Louis Homes Since 2013!

It’s time to celebrate! The Organized Pack has been changing the way St. Louis moves for 10 years this month! We really appreciate the trust our clients have for us and the support from our community. We are honored to serve St. Louis, MO We are here to help navigate the uneasy parts and make moving a celebration. Did you know moving is one of the top three stressors that can happen in a person’s lifetime? At The [...]

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Moving- Leave it, take it, or trash it!

You’re moving and not sure what to do with this and that! Let The Organized Pack to break it down for you! All the things you want to know about what to take, what to leave, and what to trash! It happens all the time on a walk through with clients packing up their home. It’s usually the garage and basement and their faces begin to look questionable. “We just don’t know, most likely going to leave that [...]

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Last 5 important steps before the move!

Congratulations on your new home! The perfect opportunity came along and your big move is happening! The sleepless nights and worry of not finding the right house with the perfect backyard are over. The days of keeping your surfaces clear and beds made are behind you because closing is near! It’s really happening! With the perfect timeline everything will fall into place. It’s getting closer and closer to move-in day! Your realtor is going through all the motions, [...]

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Landscaping that welcomes you home

The entrance of our homes shows everyone who passes a lot about our life. It gives a feeling of how welcoming (or not!) we are and how the interior of the home is kept. First impressions are everything- especially when the home is on the market! Small changes can really a make big impact! Springtime is the perfect opportunity to clean up existing landscaping or make new changes. The front of the home has focal points of interest [...]

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Prepping Household Chemicals For the Move

There is one collection of things that every household across America has in common. It’s always grouped into several rooms throughout the home, and the quantity varies. It doesn’t matter how much or little you have, but it’s important to note that it exists when preparing for a move. HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS! They come in all sizes and forms. These substances are typically found in the bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, sheds, and basements. Most household chemicals you likely [...]

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