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Stacy and Todd were amazing. They worked with us to pack up our townhome as we were moving out. From the start they communicated really well, gave a realistic (and affordable) estimate, and did a thorough job packing in an organized way. They are also very friendly and respectful. We would 100% choose them again for future moves and recommend to all of our friends and family.

-Nandini, Richmond Heights, 10/26/21

Came across this company when recommended by a neighborhood Facebook page. I was in the middle of my own move, and was looking to hire someone to move my mom, who is moving in with my family. I was impressed by the friendliness, professionalism, and the amazing ability to be able to pack in such a quick and organized fashion! I wish I would have hired them for my own move! This couple is so nice and easy to deal with, I highly recommend their services.

-Angie, St. Louis, 10/08/21

Fantastic experience with Stacy and Todd. They worked at a fast pace and took great care of everything packed. Seamless process and great guys to work with. Reasonable pricing as well.

-Gautam, St. Louis, 9/29/21

“I had the absolute best experience with The Organized Pack! They made it so easy for me to move apartments, helping me every step of the way. The owners are amazing people and so nice! I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!”

-Rosie, Clayton, 08/16/21

“I didn’t realize how much of my family’s treasured pieces were sitting in an old box, unprotected, totally not in move condition. I am so thankful for you guys packaging it up with such care, this was something I was going to do myself but you assured me you could do it faster and correctly. I feel so much better that is it safe now! I had a really easy move because of you. Thanks.”

-Gail, Chesterfield, 7/22/21

“5 Stars”

-Sharon, Ladue, 7/19/21

“We really appreciate the time you took to help us with not only the packing but figuring out our entire moving and storage situation for our long distance move. Also now that we are settled, everything was packed so great, nothing was broken! Thanks a lot!”

-Aaron, AK, 7/08/21

“Absolute best. Reliable, punctual and organized. We did not have a single thing break. They packed our house to go to an apartment and then packed our apartment to go to our new house, all within 7 months. We highly recommend the team!”

-Reshma, St. Louis, 6/26/21

“Excellent attitude and extremely efficient.”

-Grace, St. Charles, 6/18/21

“Todd and Stacy were awesome! If you are on the fence about having a packing service pack your home, they are the best and it is money well spent!!”

-Bevin, New Town, MO, 5/17/21

“Everything!!! Super great! This will be a long lasting annual relationship that eventually my son will manage on his own.”

-Judith, Wash U Summer Storage Program, 5/13/21

“Flexibility and customer service, thank you!

-Lena, Wash U Summer Storage Program, 5/13/21

“Stacy and Todd did an amazing job! They were great about accommodating our moving date, were both SO nice and helped make our move really go smoothly! I highly recommend The Organized Pack!”

-Jenna, Clayton, MO, 3/15/21

“I moved from one apartment to another in the same building. Stacy and Todd packed and unpacked everything I own, helped me find movers and had everything set back up in one weekend. It was exactly what I need after my surgery.”

-Don, St. Louis, MO, 4/12/21

“We were moving across the country and were overwhelmed with everything. We actually wanted some of our things to go to our family here in town and the rest moved with us. They helped us tremendously with figuring it all out put everything at ease. We felt so relaxed! Thank you!”

-Laura, Chesterfield, MO 4/06/21

“5 Stars”

-Flora, Clayton, MO, 3/23/21

“Stacy & Todd were fantastic! They were so easy to work with from start to finish. They were efficient, friendly and took great care of all of our things and made sure everything would survive a five hour move and storage. They saved us a ton of time and frustration. Thank you both!”

-Jade, Creve Couer, MO, 3/21/21

“You guys were great! You went above and beyond what I expected!”

-Iris, Creve Coeur, 3/28/20

“Todd and Stacey are a very professional and efficient couple who packed my house and my storage unit that was parked outside. They are pleasant, trustworthy, respectful and took a lot of stress off of me during a stressful move. I highly recommend them and will most likely use them again.”

-Cynthia, St. Louis, MO, 3/17/21

“Stacy and Todd are amazing! They were quick and efficient! I would highly recommend their services.”

-Lisa, St. Peters, MO, 3/09/21

“The Isermanns are not only very experienced and professional, but very pleasant and honorable. Their billing is detailed, strait forward, and easy to understand. If you need experienced packers at a fair price, no need to look anywhere else. This company is great!!!”

-Richard, Wentzville, MO, 3/02/21

“Stacy and Todd did a great job helping my mom with her downsizing move. Very good communication before and after and very efficient packing. Thanks!”

-Stephen, St. Louis, MO 3/07/21

“The Organized Pack is the best!  We were overwhelmed with packing up our huge house. They saved us and packed everything extremely well!  They marked the contents of each box and labeled the room where it would go into our new house. They were very fast & organized!  We couldn’t have done it without them.  Very professional yet down to earth. You will be extremely satisfied if you hire them to pack you up!”

-Donna & Tom, Chesterfield, MO, 2/18/21

“We liked that the boxes were Eco-friendly, and clean. This was a really smart decision we made when we chose The Organized Pack to pack us using their products for our local move!”

-Bobby, St. Louis, MO, 2/10/21

“Using STL Rent A Box was the best decision we made for our recent move. We had a large home and Todd & Stacy tackled the packing with ease. They are very professional, easy to be with, helpful and all around great people. They are very prompt and efficient. Overall a wonderful experience. Highly recommend!”

-Ann, Town & Country, MO, 1/14/21

“5 Stars”

-Asal, Creve Coeur, MO, 1/06/21

“5 Stars”

-Susan, Ladue, 12/18/20

“Todd & Stacy are the bee’s knees.”

-Andrew Huton, 12/16/20

“Todd and Stacey were awesome.”

-Danita, St. Louis, 11/15/20

“Stacy and Todd are amazing. Helped make our move much less stressful. I will never pack up for a move again. Highly recommend them. A great experience.”

-Dennis, Weldon Springs, MO, 10/05/20

“Amazing service took the anxiety right out of packing. Truly kind people who care for their customers, showed up and left smiling. Dog friendly is a plus! They packed up my entire house in about half a day. The attention to detail was really remarkable. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

-Nathaniel, St. Louis, MO, 9/28/20

“5 Stars”

Linda, Chesterfield, 9/2/20

“Their packing services were greatly appreciated. They saved us DAYS of work and provided all the necessary materials! Highly recommended!”

-Bill & Sue, Manchester, MO, 10/28/20

Great experience and would definitely recommend this company to anyone needing help.

-John, St. Charles, 8/26/20

“Todd and Stacey were fantastic! Moving from a home where you’ve lived and raised 5 children for over 21 years is daunting, to say the least. Todd and Stacey were efficient, organized and gave me complete confidence. I would recommend them to anyone!!!!”

-Lori, Ballwin, 8/24/20

“So thankful for Stacy & Todd’s packing services. We just bought a new house and they were able to pack everything from our old house in less than 2 days to get ready for the movers and we didn’t have to do anything! With my husband working 55 hours a week and me being 7 months pregnant, this was super convenient! Everything is labeled so that the movers will be able to put all the boxes in the rooms they will need to go.”

-Tara, St. Charles, 7/21/20

“We used Rent a Box last week to pack our house up. My first time using packing services and it was amazing! Todd and Stacy did an fantastic job and they are just lovely to work with! Highly recommend.”

-Jessica, Clayton, 5/24/20

“Stacy & Todd were wonderful! Arrived when they said they would and packed everything perfectly. And they came to collect the boxes, took away all the cardboard, & paper, and they helped me finish unpacking.”

-Christine, St. Louis, 4/20/20

“5 Stars”

-Heidi, Creve Coeur, 1/13/20

“It has been one week since Stacey and Todd moved me and I have never been so settled post move! My experience with STL Rent A Box was terrific and I highly recommend them to anyone who dreads unloading and recycling boxes long after the move is over. They were highly organized, efficient and a dream to work with as they packed, moved and unpacked me. Rates were reasonable and the jokes were free! Thanks so much for everything.”

-Patti, St. Louis, 1/10/20

“We recently used STL Rent A Box and worked with Stacy and Todd, and they were truly amazing! From the beginning of coming by and giving us a quote, to picking up our totes after we moved, they went above and beyond to make our packing and moving experience easy! They assured us everything would be packed carefully, labeled correctly and ready for the movers and that’s exactly what they achieved! They were kind, honest and experienced at packing a large home! We highly recommend using this company for any size move!”

-Barb, Chesterfield, 12/27/19

“Okay guys, these people are awesome. We hired several different services for our move and these guys were, hands down, the best part of our move. I will never look for another packing service of we move again. They worked with us so well on our situation and did exactly what we asked. It was perfect, I couldn’t have done it better myself. Definitely recommended.”

-Annie, Florissant, 11/09/19

“All good! Thanks for everything. Helpful to learn about packing service (plus that you can also pack in cardboard too) that you offer.”

-Louise, Kirkwood, 9/23/19

“Thank you for being careful and packing my mother’s things, you were very helpful.”

-Karen, Ladue, 8/23/19

“We hired Stlrentabox to pack our house because honestly my wife and I and we’re overwhelmed and running out of time. They did such a better job than we ever imagined. They advised us on our move before during and after and we felt so prepared! Everything was packed and set out together for the movers. We were shocked that after living in a house for 16 years our family of 4 could be packed up in just 1 full day! We will never move on our own again.”

-Andrew, Wentzville, 8/08/19

“They were very professional, helpful, and friendly. They did an awesome, thorough, and quick job packing. We used their rent-a-boxes, but unpacked ourselves. They did not rush us to get the boxes back and allowed us to keep some of them for an extended period of time when we were not quite unpacked. I will definitely use them again if moving locally and would refer them to others without question.”

Pearline, St. Louis, 5/21/19

“I have worked with STL Rent a Box on numerous occasions, and I can confidently say they are amazing! Top notch customer service with a fantastic work ethic! I will be recommending them to anyone who needs packing help or box rentals!”

-Hayden, St. Louis, 3/28/19

“You did great. We were very satisfied.”

-Sheilah, Clayton, 2/19/19

“5 Stars”

-Deepa, Clayton, MO, 10/15/18