We love to show off our work! Below is a collection of before & after photos of some of the clients we have been honored to work with.

Pictured is small to large homes, apartments, commercial properties, as well as some local dorms we have packed. There are also some photos of homes that we have unpacked as well.

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This Ballwin, MO homeowner is moving to Nashville, TN!  The Organized Pack worked together with her movers and dates to prepare for the moving day. Once the entire home was packed we did a final walk-through with the homeowner to make sure everything was ready.

This sprawling Olivette, MO ranch home has a beautiful unique layout. It’s designed as a multi-generational home for this family with an entire attached additional living quarters complete with a kitchen and bath. While our clients, a family of five, work from home, The Organized Pack works around their needs, room to room packing. We were able to completely get this home move-ready in a matter of days for these busy homeowners while they focus on what really matters!

After living in a high-rise condo in the Central West End for several years, our client was ready for a suburban home. While she had her time busy with closings, last minute new home tasks, and her job, there was little time for packing! Thankfully One Source Solutions shared our services with her and we were able to complete the entire pack!
When we arrived at her new home we found that the moving company put all boxes in each room – exactly where they were to be per the labels.  We put the kitchen, master bedroom, parts of the basement, and other areas of the home together. With our unpacking services our client can enjoy her new space in her beautiful Town and Country, MO home without the overwhelming feeling of a fresh move surrounded by moving boxes.

This particular Chesterfield, MO villa has quite a collection of glass, fragile entertaining pieces, framed art, linens, and décor. The family was very busy with care for the homeowner, and also consumed with downsizing prior to the actual move. They were running out of time for getting everything into boxes and called The Organized Pack to assist. A lot of glassware needed to be re-packed after many years of storage. We were able to complete the job and pack everything for the family in a timely manner.

The Organized Pack prepared this Eureka, MO home, a family of five for a local move. These busy homeowners maintain 2 practices all while juggling their three children. There was just no extra time in their day to pack a home! The entire home took just two days to pack and the owners were off site. All the boxes were labeled by room and contents making it organized for unpacking!

Chesterfield, MO home quickly went from everyday living to move-ready! This busy family is on the go and needed all the things they haven’t packed up ready to go for the new home.  The team at The Organized Pack prepared the family for their moving day after a quick consult!

In St. Charles, MO, The Organized Pack worked with this homeowner on a long distance move. We packed every room, including the basement and garage. This client is move ready and organized for unpacking.

This homeowner in New Town, St. Charles, MO was excited to change house layouts in the same community! The Organized Pack worked together with her to prepare her belongings for the move. Even though she is moving in the same neighborhood, everything needs to be packed.

After her move within New Town, St. Charles, MO The Organized Pack carefully unpacked all the boxes. All the items were unboxed and organized into new spaces. When the job was complete we removed all the boxes.

Collections are special to clients and we are here to take extra caution with them when packing! This Creve Coeur, MO homeowner has a vast collection of artwork, crystal, and other pieces. We carefully prepared everything for a long distance move south.

The Organized Pack quickly had this large home to a busy family in Chesterfield, MO move-ready in a matter of days. We packed basement, kitchen, and some bedrooms, closets, and misc. areas. All boxes labeled, organized, and staged for the movers.

The Organized Pack works with college students every semester. This was a student that had to move out of an off campus dorm at Washington University.  We were able to efficiently pack the room and store the items under our University Storage Program until they returned the following semester.

The Organized Pack consulted with this St. Louis, MO family as they needed assistance with packing their Mother’s belongings after many years for a move out of state. We packed up the majority of the home for a charity pick up and the remaining items were packed for the actual move! Every move has different needs and we are here to help figure out the details!

In Kirkwood, MO The Organized Pack worked together with the homeowners on their long distance move. We packed up most of the kitchen, a large dining room, a finished basement, extensive bar, and a large amount of art work!

The owners of this Chesterfield, MO home were ready for a move but their busy lives left little time for packing. The Organized Pack was had their 2 story, plus finished basement move ready in a few days, right on schedule!

This was a very large parts department at warehouse in Illinois. They had been at the location for over 40 years and were moving all aspects of the company to South St Louis County. The Organized Pack provided all boxes for the entire move including the offsite offices. We also packed the entire parts department as well as numerous storage lockers, paint department, and many misc. items through out the building!

This Eureka, MO home filled with many fragile memories was carefully tended to by The Organized Pack. The homeowner was in the process of making an out of state move. We packed up everything securely in boxes and she made her move successfully!

The owner of this private office in Clayton, MO didn’t know where to start when it was time to move offices after decades of being settled in one place. The Organized Pack team brought all the materials necessary and had the entire office, wait area, and closets move-ready very quickly. The owner felt at ease as this was the stress they didn’t need during a time of change.

Frequently our clients are not in town or available at all to pack their own home. The Organized Pack consulted with this Bridgton, MO owner prior to leaving town to close on their new home. While away, we completed the job quickly and easily since the entire home was to be prepared. Once complete, we utilize Face-Timing to go over each room and make sure we the owners are content with our work. They returned to the home just before the move to find it totally ready for the movers to arrive!

The Organized Pack treats every home with care, however, this St. Peters, MO home was a full collection of antiques and all were being moved long distance. We had plenty of boxes of all sizes ready and plenty of packing materials. Each item was packed, very carefully as many things were quite delicate. There was a large amount of wall art and canvases as well to be considered and everything was move-ready by the end on schedule.

The Organized Pack worked closely with this Foristell family as they first requested a declutter for their listing. We decided what parts and items of their home were not essential and packed up the unfinished basement, garages, parts of the bedrooms, closets, kitchen, bar area, and many other areas of the home!

The Organized Pack works with college students each semester. We packed this student in the medical dorms at Washington University while the student was out of town. Before and after we utilize Face-Timing to talk about the room, packing process, and show the student the end result. We also store all items from our University Storage Program until they return the following semester.

These Manchester, MO owners were a very busy household, both working from home and a small child in-school zooming a class during the pandemic when they found their next home. They realized they had no extra time to pack with all their responsibilities.  The owner had lived their many years and they felt very overwhelmed. The Organized Pack brought all the boxes and materials they needed to move their home’s contents.  We were able to get everything packed and totally ready for a seamless move!

This Princeton Heights, City of St Louis home was a collection of fine art and glass. Everything was carefully packed and prepared for the move. This home consisted of 1.5 stories, basement, and garage space!

The Organized Pack worked together with this Creve Coeur, MO family as this move was prepped. This busy family of 5 is non-stop and full of energy.  We packed the main level as well as the majority of the basement! After their move into their newly renovated home, we unpacked & organized their kitchen so it was functional for the family quickly!

This Ladue, MO family is the epicenter of eventful. Between jobs, sports, school, a birthday, there was zero chance they would have a second to pack also while checking all the boxes for the listing! The Organized Pack not only prepared their move but also make living around a lot of boxes manageable.

This Webster, MO home was filled with glass artwork and décor. The Organized Pack carefully packed everything for the next destination.

The Organized Pack prepared this Ballwin, MO home and it was 100% move-ready on moving day. The home was filled with décor and entertaining pieces to be carefully wrapped. It was a very large 2 story, including the finished basement, all completed on schedule!