Dear future client, we know how busy life can be. We also understand you want to handle everything – but you called us because “everything” is weighing on you. It always happens, while taking us on the initial tour you will say this is the room(s) I’m most stressed about, we will shrug and say it’s fine…because it is. After seeing us work for 20 minutes you will feel your stress melt and realize your move is going to be okay, as predicted!

What do our clients do while we’re packing?

Going to their closing
Running errands
Taking care of their children
Go to physical therapy
Work from home or in the field
Walk the dog
Take a nap

When we are packing our clients have the time to do whatever is most important to them, because we are saving them time to do so! The list is endless!

“I love packing!” Said no one ever…except us! It’s true, we really enjoy our job. Being able to assist with our client’s transition to their new home is exciting. We like solving logistical problems. Making a move seamless is our goal. This process of moving doesn’t have to be stressful and we are here to make sure of it!

What would YOU do instead if you didn’t have pack your home?