It can be difficult to balance a move while maintaining a household. Let The Organized Pack assist you with timelines and ideas how to stay functioning up to move day!

“Your home, it’s so beautiful and I love the way you decorated” says your realtor. However, she tells you in the same breath, there are too many personal things and it’s cluttered for the listing. There are photos to take and it’s prime time to put the home on the market. You have the conundrum of having to pack but you and your family will also be living in the home for several more weeks. How will you all function and still stay sane?

The Organized Pack is here to save you from going into this packing and moving adventure alone.

Each room of your home contains many non-essential items that are not being used on a daily basis. Practically 90% of the home is non-essential and can be packed prior to the actual move. This includes many personal photos, holiday, and décor items that potential buyers may focus on that are irrelevant to the actual home.

What do homeowners do when most of all their belongings are packed away? Remember, it’s temporary and everyone learns to live with less! This means using disposable plates and flatware for meals. Serving and baking on limited kitchenware will be a new option as well. Taking trips to the local library for reading and even checking out games or telescopes can be a fun activity! This is the perfect time to get out and explore the city or visit the parks. Do you work from home and need a change of environment while your house is being shown? What a great opportunity to check out a local coffee shop.

Planning ahead is an important part of the process. When there is less in cabinets and closets this allows the the house to truly be seen. Having space in a listed home shows buyers the potential a home has for them uniquely.

Confused and not sure how to begin? At The Organized Pack we specialize in making sure the process of your move from beginning to move-day goes smooth! We offer free estimates and advice! Let us know how we can help!