You’re moving and not sure what to do with this and that! Let The Organized Pack to break it down for you! All the things you want to know about what to take, what to leave, and what to trash!

It happens all the time on a walk through with clients packing up their home. It’s usually the garage and basement and their faces begin to look questionable. “We just don’t know, most likely going to leave that for the new homeowners…what do you think?” There are defined answers here so let’s lay it out!

Items that should never be left in a home for the new homeowner include: trash, chemicals, food, and old paint.

When it comes to permanent fixtures of the home, items that are “physically attached” to the wall, i.e. curtains / rods, bathroom mirrors, microwaves, etc. it belongs to the home. These items were in the original listing photos and were most likely not omitted in the MLS comments. These items should remain in the home unless noted in the sales contract.

Unless decor, furniture, or appliances are on a contract or bill of sale with the home, they are not part of the sale. These items are expected by the buyer to be moved prior to closing of the home. If the buyer is interested in any of the above mentioned items the agents can assist in the negotiating and create a bill of sale. This is a very typical and reasonable request from both ends, even though it can be denied.

There are various things of courtesy that are left for the new homeowners. This would include extra fresh paint or paint colors for touch ups, additional hardware, extra flooring, and any replacement pieces of the home deemed necessary. It’s helpful to set aside a folder of the home paperwork and appliance information. Door keys, garage door openers, and gate openers are very helpful for the new owner as well. Many owners enjoy leaving a letter about the home and surrounding neighbors as a legacy and warm welcoming to the new owner!

Items that should never be left in a home for the new homeowner include: trash, chemicals, food, and old paint. This behavior is not welcoming and sets a disrespectful mood as the new owners attempt to settle in having to deal with a trash out.

Hopefully this settles some questionable items when it’s time for your move! No worries if you have The Organized Pack on your side because will be with you all the way assisting you with all the decisions on your final days! When moving remember to leave it, pack it, or trash it!