Congratulations on your new home! The perfect opportunity came along and your big move is happening! The sleepless nights and worry of not finding the right house with the perfect backyard are over. The days of keeping your surfaces clear and beds made are behind you because closing is near! It’s really happening!

With the perfect timeline everything will fall into place.

It’s getting closer and closer to move-in day! Your realtor is going through all the motions, inspections are underway, packing is happening and the stress is starting to melt. This is a very exciting time for a new homeowner, but there is still a small very important checklist of final steps before the move. Take a breath and make sure these last five important steps are completed before the move. You can do all these things while we are packing.

Switch your utilities! This list could be endless depending on your household needs. The obvious and necessity is: water, electricity, and waste. Many extra home changes would include: internet, phone, security, cleaning, landscaping, pool/ spa, pet services, and healthcare. Know ahead of time there are all-in-one services that can take care of switching all your utilities over with one call, usually free of charge! They also have move-in offers for new services and suggestions as well.

Change your locks! Over the years, homeowners have and may distribute various keys and codes to family, friends, and neighbors. It’s a security issue and peace of mind to start fresh with a new set of locks for your home. Plan ahead and consider keyless entry for the exterior doors making it simple for family members. These locks can be easily customized, even for temporary guests!

Schedule your final walk through! Such an important and exciting step in the game of homeownership! However, take this walk through meeting very seriously. Take a detailed look at the house and make sure everything is in “contract order” – this is your moment! Also, bring your tape measure and make decisions and notes where you want your big furniture. You do not want to spend extra time on moving day making these choices or not be able to fit something inside.

Change your mailing address and all auto-ships! You do not want to miss a bill or important mailing. This is very simple to do on-line with the post office and every website for your auto-ships. When you update your new mailing address with USPS, we highly recommend also signing up for the informed delivery. You receive a daily email record of all and any mail plus packages being sent to you on any given day prior to delivery. If you do not have access to the internet, any Post Office has forms you can manually fill out for change of address.

Line up your contractors! If you plan to have any work performed at the new home, line up all contractors as soon as possible. The demand for interior and exterior jobs is so overwhelming it’s best to alert the professionals you wish to hire with advanced notice. Even if you think it’s too early seasonally or the project isn’t quite ready, it’s a good idea to have that conversation and at least save a spot on their calendar or be on a waitlist. You will thank me later for this tip!

Moving is exciting, stressful, and adventurous all at once! The right professionals are here to help. With the perfect timeline everything will fall into place. These last five important steps before the move are crucial and will make you feel complete!