The entrance of our homes shows everyone who passes a lot about our life. It gives a feeling of how welcoming (or not!) we are and how the interior of the home is kept. First impressions are everything- especially when the home is on the market!

Small changes can really a make big impact!

Springtime is the perfect opportunity to clean up existing landscaping or make new changes. The front of the home has focal points of interest making it easy to transform if quick changes are needed. The outside maintenance of the home is just as important to buyers as the inside. Keep it simple and appealing all at once!

Now that the last frost is over in the Midwest, it’s a great time to remove all old plantings from the previous season. Applying a fresh layer of mulch really makes the landscape pop in front of the house. Planting colorful annuals in the landscaping and around sidewalks gives a charming look to entrances. All walkways and driveways should be trimmed and clear of debris. The area around the mailbox should be neat and free of obstruction. Consistent lawn care and trimming is key for selling a home. You always want your lawn to look inviting. The home address should be displayed and obvious. These simple homecare approaches will make you smile every time you come home!

New buyers will be attracted to how well the home connects with the landscape and how it is groomed.  The Missouri Botanical Gardens is a fantastic local resource for home gardening! Too busy for gardening? Hire professionals and ease your stress! Your move is important. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your next chapter!