Often times cherished family members get caught in the shuffle during a move. They didn’t even know they were getting a new home. There’s a lot of chaos, many different faces, crazy routines, and then a new environment! Sometimes things go awry and rebellion sets in. What is going on? These are our pets. When moving with pets, take some extra caution to ease them into a new situation before, during AND after a move.

Pets Move Too!

The family is most like to experience some stress during a transition time and animals have a tendency to pick up their owner’s emotional clues. Life is likely to get busy with new tasks until you’re settled. Keeping a smooth routine with your pet as usual is the number one priority, i.e. feed them on time, keep your regular walks, and don’t forget to give them the attention they need.

Before a move, be careful not to remove too many of their familiar items from the home. It’s a good practice for eager sellers to go through a decluttering stage prior to listing or prepping for a move. Animals can sense if their favorite toys, blankets, beds, or leashes are not in their usual places. This could cause some unsettling anxiety. If you have to move their food bowl, litter boxes, cages etc. be sure to show them several times as a positive reinforcement where their belongings are in the house.

Animals are sensitive and your home is their whole world. If your home is listed and you have showings, be extremely aware that others will have interactions with your pet and there are many factors to consider:

  1. Will you leave your pet in the home during showings?
  2. Will your pet be kenneled in the home?
  3. Will the pet be confined to a room?

Whatever the decision you may need to have strict instructions in your listing, plus notes in the home. Consider additional notes on doors as well.

Just face it, moving day is going to be a long day of either driving across town, and/or having your doors open while movers come in and out needing your full attention all while you are unpacking. You will be pulled in several directions. It’s imperative to assign a family member or friend (or even use a service for the day) to be in complete charge of your pet.

The day will feel like an adventure for a dog, anxious nightmare for a cat, a plastic bag kinda day for a fish, and a fast pace day for a turtle! Anything you can do to make your animal feel less stress and safe all at once will be best for the whole family. The last thing you want is your pet to resent the new home and its surroundings.

At the end of the day, when all the doors are closed and you are taking in your new home, spoil your pet with love and treats! Put out their favorite toys, bed and food bowls.

This is their new home to share!