According to the US Census Bureau, the average homeowner maintains ownership for 8 years in 1 home. Can you imagine all the things that can happen in eight years? Here’s a typical scenaio: another person could be invited to live in the home, they could become partners, and perhaps even lead to marriage! They would most likely find hobbies together and maybe create collections. They would fill the home with photos of their life and memories of their travel! Maybe they would include a pet in their lives and create a special space them. Someday, they might have children, and the house would fill up more and more! New spaces would be created for the children too. In eight years they turn to each other to say, “wow remember when didn’t have much?”

Moving is emotional!

When homeowners see all of their years of belongings packed up into right size boxes, the rooms are echoing, and the house feels bare, it can feel pretty emotional. This is the house where a big chunk of their life began. Every room has a memory. It becomes the walls, not the things. Moving gives everyone the feels!

At The Organized Pack, we completely understand how sensitive these moments can be for a family. We want to remove the stress of what feels chaotic in the moving process so everyone can focus on the family matters. Everything we do will be handled ethically and with care. It’s exciting to know there are new beginnings ahead to look forward to. New spaces mean unboxing belongings into a home to make additional memories. The next chapter is the next focus!

How long have you lived in your house?