It’s very confusing, this decade of design and organizing of living in 2021. Do we remove everything we sorta find joy and live with less or fill our home with all the new design elements? Media is very contradicting with the new “rules” of how we should live and what defines happiness of what our home surroundings look like.

Is your home minimalist or maximalist in design?

Everyone has been inundated with the “less is more concept.” Every organization show or book begins with three boxes that are labeled “keep / donate / trash”. We are told that in order thrive and take control of our lives we must purge our past. These concepts are wonderful, they work, and to do so, must become habits. However, It’s really important to know, it’s only for those who are willing to tackle this mindset. It’s not for everyone.

On the other side of coin, marketing has turned to social media to roll out their new season lines for them. Influencers post everyday about products in their home; a home filled exclusively of new products lines. This ranges from clothes, makeup, accessories, home decor, furniture, kitchenware, outdoor, pet items, baby items, everything you could possibly need! Very streamlined, everything linked, EVERYDAY new products that everyone must have! Some of us really want new things and want them often. Or feel comfortable with a collection of one thing or more.

Where do you fall? Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? Or do you fall somewhere in the middle? There is no right or wrong when it comes to how one chooses to organize their decor. The most important part to remember when creating YOUR space is what makes YOU comfortable, happy, safe, and functional. That is what makes a home reflective of why you want to keep coming back!

When you are ready to move, no matter how you design or collect, you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to packing. At The Organized Pack we have a system that will put you at ease. When we enter your space everything will be handled with care and packed efficiently for your next home!  If you need assistance with any resources such as de-cluttering for listing, donations, trash-outs, etc. we are here for you! Our goal is reduce your stress that leads up to moving day and completely prepare your home for the day the moving truck arrives!

Let us be a part of your next new beginning!