The decision is final and you are moving! Things are about to get real. Before you take the next step to list your home, there are some important actions and considerations. Let’s dive deep into what happens when you make the decision to move and sell your home before you list! It always helps to have a professional team to point you in the right direction with confident resources.

The home list before you LIST your home…

Visit each of your rooms for a FULL de-cluttering process. It’s a good idea to depersonalize your home. Consider packing up photos and clearing most surfaces. Minimize everything in closets and cabinets, basically reorganizing for good flow. Consider all spaces valuable space. Remember to de-clutter attic, basement, garage, shed, and other utility / storage spaces.

As you go through each room, closet, and drawers, this is a great opportunity to purge outgrown clothing and items you no longer find useful. Make closets look bigger by removing any storage, extra clothing, and organize the rest of the clothes by color. It looks best if most or all the floor is visible as well. Dispose of expired medicines, dry goods, and toiletries. Take the extra time to do this before you have to pack it up for your new home.

Consider donating your things to a local charity. Most charities will come straight to your door and you can apply it as a deduction on your taxes. This is a good time to gather your valuables, i.e. jewelry, collections, firearms, etc. and either secure them in a safe, or store them with someone. Consider your home available to others once listed for buyers, agents, open houses, or repair service people.

Paperwork is very important. Locate and organize home manuals, paint color swatches, applicable warranties, and utility bills. This is a great asset for your agent and future home owners. As you move through your home, make a list and begin getting estimates on old appliances for replacements so you are aware of costs during negotiations.

Your home may need some updating to look fresh! Choose neutral colors for newly painted interior walls. Tighten all loose doorknobs such as exterior, interior, closets, and cabinet pulls. Switch out all burnt-out light bulbs to eliminate any doubt of electrical issues and keep extra bulbs on hand. The entire home needs to reflect cleanliness. Don’t forget to clean the often overlooked: cabinets, ceilings, lights/fans, and window treatments. Update paint on shutters and mailbox for nice curb appeal. Always keep the porch and sidewalk swept for a clean entrance. Trim all landscaping and maintain a fresh cut yard.

If all of the above feels overwhelming, remember you haven’t listed your home yet and still have time on your side. There are also professionals who can assist with many of the tasks and be quite resourceful, starting with a packing team at The Organized Pack. We will work with you on your timeline with your move date and help put everything into action including a full de-clutter pre-list. New beginnings are very exciting times.