2021 is feeling like the renewal year for the world! The 2020 redo. All the things we wanted that suddenly came to a halt! Don’t lose sight of those shiny goals you put in place so thoughtfully…this is your year.

A lot can happen in one year!

How do we make those goals come true realistically? I’m going to tell you exactly how so you can “plan & execute”.

Whatever your goal(s) is/are write them down on separate pieces of paper. Keep a notebook if your goals are many. Break them down into achievable expandable lists (micro lists) to complete the goal. Make sure there are resources available to assist you if needed. Do not reinvent the wheel if you do not know how to complete a task. Never hesitate asking for help too. Look to trusted vendors, friends, social media like Next Door, Facebook groups, etc. After each task is completed cross it off as an achievement.


Remodel Bath:

  • Measure existing vanity & shower
  • Order dumpster (get referrals)
  • Plan new outlets & lighting (call friend’s electrician)
  • Schedule demo day
  • Order vanity, toilet, cabinet, shower base
  • Choose wall & floor tile + grout
  • Choose wall & ceiling paint
  • Schedule plumber

Do not let the ‘unknown’ of how to execute a plan stand in the way of your goals. Know that there are more than enough resources available. The only way to begin is pen to paper and then it feels all too real!