Why choose The Organized Pack for your packing needs?

Our goal is to reduce your stress that leads up to moving day and completely prepare your home for the day the moving truck arrives! We understand there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to your move.  We will make sure all aspects of your packing is complete prior to your moving day.  All items that should be packed will be packed in an appropriate sized box, all boxes labeled, and all boxes staged ready for [...]

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How long does it take to pack a home and how much will it cost?

Obviously every home will be different, however, most homes we can give an estimate after one phone call.  Other properties, such as larger homes and homes with large collections we would like to meet at the property to do an onsite estimate.  We work on an hourly rate plus the costs of materials.

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Do the home owners have to be home for the entire packing day?

Typically the owner is at the home once we arrive to do a walk through to give us direction on what needs to be accomplished.  Once that walk through is complete the homeowner typically goes on with their day and is only contacted by us over a phone call if a question comes up. Once the home is packed and the job is complete we like to do one last walk through with the owner to make sure everything [...]

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Can The Organized Pack also help with unpacking?

Absolutely! We are typically scheduled the day after the actual move to arrive at your new home to begin the unpacking process. We will organize or assist in organizing your kitchen, bedrooms, closets, and whatever space you need assistance in. We understand that no one likes living in a home with boxes and moving supplies spread all over. We will help bring your new space to life quickly and also remove all boxes that are unpacked. [...]

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